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Zachary's Mom

9 years old

"My 9 year old son Zachary has been going to Sensawee Play since he was 3 years old. All of the work with the Occupational Therapists has been absolutely instrumental in his progress! He always looks forward to going. All three therapists my son has worked with over the years have been excellent at what they do. They keep him interested and make the therapy fun for him. I would highly recommend Sensawee Play!"

Robert 's Parents

2 years old

"Rob and I are confident that what you are doing is helping Robert tremendously.  We are incredibly thankful to have found you as a resource and to start unraveling what we have experienced with Robert for ourselves."

Abbey's Mom

4 years old

"Sensawee Play was recommended for our daughter to help with her sensory processing. This is our second child with SPD and the floor time concept used works very well for our daughter. Florie and her team built a quick rapport through fun therapy/play with our daughter. They have been a great support system for us and helpful working with our daughter’s school as well to give them ideas for the classroom."

Jake's Mom

7 years old

"Florie was recommended to us by the learning coach at our son's school. My husband and I were completely new to occupational therapy, so we didn't know anything about it. Understanding this, Florie took the time to explain to us the entire OT process and where it fits within brain development and learning, which gave us confidence in investing in this particular support for our son. Florie is just awesome! She is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and accessible, and leads a professional, open and warm practice with an amazing team! We LOVE working Megan and Katelyn, our son's therapists. They are fantastic at what they do, they truly know, love and work hard for our son (and all the children they serve), and they and make OT super fun-- any day with Megan and Katelyn is a great day! We are so blessed to have them on our son's "support team" and know that all the progress he's made over the past several months has everything to do with their exceptional care and therapy. Today, our son is a stronger, more focused and self-directed learner. While his journey continues, we are confident that he will continue to improve and thrive because of the Sensawee Play Team."

Matthew's Parents

12 years old

"Our twelve-year-old Matthew so loved his play   with Florie at ages five and six, that he still asks if we can stop and visit Florie when we pass her building!  What we love so much is how, over the years,  Matt, has incorporated things he learned from playing  with Florie and elements of his early sensory diet into his daily life to help with focus, self-regulation and sensory sensitivities."

Rebecca's Dad

8 years old

"Our daughter talks about playing at WE Play all week long--she can hardly wait to see them! She has really blossomed in the past several months, and is so much more engaged and personable."

Jason's Mom

6 years old

"Our son’s occupational therapist at We Play has been exceptional. She really took the time to get to know him and his needs. Their is bond is amazing and he looks forward to each and every session!"


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