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At WE Play we take pride in our thorough, detailed evaluations.  What is most important to us is not just noticing the superficial behaviors and challenges the children are having, whether that be handwriting, social-emotional challenges or even regulation, but getting down to the root of what is actually impacting your child's challenges.

WE also prioritize in-depth parent feedbacks to make sure parents have a solid understanding of their child's needs prior to beginning Occupational Therapy, if appopriate.


  • Intake Admissions Packet (to be filled out PRIOR to your child’s appointment.  Paperwork will NOT be read until AFTER your child’s appointment unless there are specific medical needs that need to be addressed/made aware of)

    • Developmental History

    • Admin Paperwork 

  • Sensory Performance Measure/Sensory Profile

    • Online parent questionnaire

    • Online teacher questionnaire (only if requested/recommended by parent/therapist)

  • Clinical Observation/Formal Testing (approximately 1-1 ½ hours IN PERSON)

    • Upper Extremity Muscle Strength and Tone 

    • Primitive Reflexes/Protective Reactions 

    • Cross Lateral Movement Patterns

    • Gross Motor Planning and Performance 

    • Fine Motor Planning and Performance 

    • Body Awareness 

    • Balance and Equilibrium Reactions 

    • Sensory Systems:

      • Vestibular System

      • Proprioceptive System

      • Tactile System

      • Visual System

      • Gustatory System

      • Auditory System

      • Olfactory System

    • Engagement 

    • Self-Regulation

  • Follow up meeting with Parents (approximately 1 ½-2 hours VIRTUAL)

    • Collaborating on information pulled from developmental history, prior evaluations from other professionals, discussing child/teen/adult’s health & wellness, and sensory profile 

    • Reviewing findings/clinical observations

    • Reviewing what a generalized home program would look like

    • Recommendations for both treatment and outside referrals, if applicable.     

  • Plan of Care

    • A detailed summary of findings

    • Basic history 

    • Initial recommendations

    • Initial Short Term/Long Term Goals


LEVEL 1 (All Ages) $600

Includes all of the above 

LEVEL 2 (All Ages) $975

  • Includes all of the above as well as a more in-depth full detailed report 

RE-EVALUATION (All Ages) $500

  • A reassessment to determine where your child's current needs are and to see if any modifications need to be made to your child's therapy program.

  • This includes a written Plan of Care

  • IF a parent follow up meeting is requested this is at an additional charge based on our hourly rate of $195

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