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DATES:  Please check back with us soon.  We do not have a group running at this moment.

By having input from your occupational therapist this group will be individually enhanced for each child. At the end of the workshop a list of activities/handwriting programs will be given to you for continued work for you and your child to continue on with at home.

The “Write” Play has been created for the child who is currently in occupational therapy treatment and is having a difficult time with their handwriting. Many of the goals in a child’s individual occupational therapy treatment session can be better attained through intensity. This workshop offer’s parents a fun way for their child to work on their individual goals outside of their weekly treatment sessions.

Programs which will be used in this workshop are, but not limited to: Brain Gym, Handwriting Without Tears, and other sensory-motor approaches. These programs/activities will all be done through a multi-sensory approach which is one of the foundations for fine motor skills and learning. Each of these sensory motor classes will include specific activities to encourage and enhance:
• movement activities to develop coordination and strength needed for handwriting
• visual motor integration
• visual tracking and convergence
• spacing and sizing 
• postural control
• pencil grip
• fine motor skills needed for handwriting
• child’s ability to attend to writing task

*Please note if Occupational Therapy treatment has been recommended for your child or your child is currently in treatment this workshop is not meant to be in lieu of treatment but has been created as a supplement to the therapeutic process. It may be necessary that your child require more one on one to help accomplish the goals of handwriting. That being said, this workshop is still fun and something any child will want to come back to!

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