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SENSORY INTEGRATION sensory integration resources Carol Kranowitz, author of books on sensory integration a program which teaches a child to understand his/her regulation


THERAPY GYMS/SWINGS  FOR THE HOME   Mike Kamber, Owner of Therapy Gyms, is who built our state of the art swing/rig set up we could not be happier with.  He can help, under our direction, create a great Sensory Play space in your home.

DEVELOPMENTAL DELAY (Developmental Delay Registry) Therapeutic trends and support. Offers great informational links to every facet of a child's well being.

DEVELOPMENTAL NUTRITION The guru of Developmental Nutrition Kelly has written some great books and resources on how nutrition impacts a child's behaviors. The Paleo Mom is a great resource for articles about nutrition and how it can impact behaviors as well as practical suggestions such as healthy lunches and snacks to pack for school.

FLOOR TIME/DIR The Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders parent organization supporting Dr. Stanley Greenspan’s philosophies. Atlanta based resource center on Floortime; psychological, OT, speech, and counseling services founder of DIR method

DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGIST Dr. Kathy Platzman Dr. Barbara Dunbar Dr. Amanda Kriegel Dr. Laurie Glusman

DEVELOPMENTAL PEDIATRICIAN Dr. Leslie Rubin, Developmental Pediatric Services

COUNSELORS Jen Liam, Counseling and Ninja Therapy Julie Carnes Dave Nelson  Andrea Lindemann

OTHER AMAZING LOCAL OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY PRACTICES Mili Cordero's Practice Kate Drummond's Practice Carol Taylor's Practice

Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy Services Dvora Zibbit's Practice Christy Kennedy's Practice



VISION/OPTOMETRY The College of Optometrists of Vision Development Dr. Nicole Gurbal Dr. Sharon Berger

SOCIAL SKILLS Social Stories™, organization for social learning and understanding Social Thinking Groups


PRODUCTS Therapeutic equipment Innovative and therapeutic equipment  Weighted lap pads and blankets

SPEECH AND LANGUAGE Speech and Language group based out of Atlanta, Georgia Speech and Language testing & therapy, social-emotional regulation support/training, nutrition/holistic support for children and families Mary Beth-Stark, Speech and Language Pathologist specializing in a Floortime Approach

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